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The Pontifical Mission Societies of Indonesia (PMS Indonesia) is well known in the local (Indonesian) language as Karya Kepausan Indonesia (KKI). The PMS of Indonesia or KKI has started to present and work in Indonesia since 1919, after the First World War. At that time, Indonesia was still under the colonialism of the Dutch (Nederlands Indie). Thus the works of KKI were still related closely to the works of the Pontifical Mission Societies of Dutch.

For about five decades, KKI couldn’t grow and develop significanly. One of many reasons at that time was due to the condition of Indonesia itself: it was still under the Dutch colonialism followed by the Japanese colonialism. Therefore the attention of the local Church and the government of Indonesia as well was more focused on the struggles for the independence. Even after the independence, the attention of the Church and of the Government was still focused on the restoration and building up in all aspects.

Caused by the internal situations of Indonesia, the works of KKI couldn’t go smoothly, at least if it was compared with the PMS of some other neighbouring countries of Asia. In the light of the geographical condition of Indonesia which is consisting of thousands spreading islands, such condition was a major obstacle for the communication networking from one district to another one.  Another reason was that the members of the Catholic Church in Indonesia was a minority in number. Furthermore, the understanding and the awareness of their responsibility as a member of the Universal Church was still very poor. In other words, the attention of the Church had been not focused yet on the spreading out the Good News.

As a young Church in mission, above all with her Hierarchy that had just been establishing in 1961, the Church was still focused on her internal matters, either at the diocesan level as well as at the national level. As the newly growing Church, the Church of Indonesia was still struggling with a lot of her own self problems in all kinds and shapes. Therefore, it was not surprising if her attention and solidarity with the Universal Church had been not adequate yet.

Meanwhile the National Bureau (Office) of KKI - as so wellknown called Biro Nasional Karya Kepausan Indonesia (BN-KKI) - on how to work out the activities of the Pontifical Mission in Indonesia was still regarded too young and poor in experiences. The staffs had been not well prepared yet and the employees were oftenly changed. Only by starting in 1970's, KKI could be said to have been growing up, by using its official name Biro Nasional Karya Kepausan Indonesia. Or on behalf of the international communication, BN-KKI used to be called The National Office of the Pontifical Mission Societies of Indonesia.

During the annual meeting of the Bishops Conference of Indonesia (known as MAWI or KWI at present) took place from 22 November to 4 December 1971, all bishops of the assembly recognized officially the existence of KKI. Its main task is to implant and to raise up the awareness and the missionary responsibility into the hearts of of every Catholic people. From that time onwards, KKI had been introducing itself to all dioceses throughout Indonesia till the present day.

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