The Pontifical Missionary Union of The Clergy, Religious and Laty (PMU)


This society was the only one founded in Italy by the Blessed Paolo Manna (1872-1952) in 1916. On October 28, 1956, this society got the status of the pontifical level by Pope Pius XII with the official name The Pontifical Missionary Union of the Clergy, Religious and the Laity or well known short name as The Pontifical Missionary Union (PMU).

The goal of this society is attempting to implant the missionary spirit for the priests, religious men & women (including members of the secular institutes) and all the people of God, initially through the mission magazine's, where Father Paolo Manna himself as the director of that magazine. From the efforts of the missionary animations, it is expected that the Church becomes more and more missionary Church, where her members are more and more aware of their responsibility as God's people and ready to carry out their duties according to their vocations. Besides, it is also expected more indigenous priests and missionaries so that the Local Church can provide and carry out her missions. This PMU is doing the same mandate as the other Pontifical Mission Societies and even as the “soul” of the other three Pontifical Mission Societies, that is to promote the mission works of the Local Churches.

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