The Pontifical Mission Society of St.Peter Apostle (POSPA)

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This society was  founded in Caen, France in 1889 by Jeanne Bigard (1859-1934). As the same with the POPF, this society is initially a local level. Only starting in 1918, some movements to support the formations for the seminarians were included as a part of the works of the Pontifical Mission Society of St. Piter the Apostle for Vocations. In 1920 the headquaters was moved to Rome. On May 3, 1922 the pontifical status was granted to this society with the official name The Pontifical Mission Society of St. Peter the Apostle (POSPA).

The goal this society is initially to promote and form the indegenous priests in the mission Churches by providing financial support. This society also provides the same supports for the candidates of the local institutions of the consecrated life, both men and women.

Since 1963, the Universal Church celebrates the Vocation Sunday each year which ussually falls on Fourth Week of Easter (on Sunday of The Good Shepherd). This Sunday is meant as the day of prayer and refelection for the vocations of God to be priests, religious brothers and sisters. On that day, the Universal Church invites all Catholics around the world to give some charity through the offerings for the formation of the seminarians of the diocesan priest and also for the candidates of the religious life.

The various activities can be conducted on The Vocations Sunday in order to implant and grow up the seeds of God’s calls, especially among the children and youth, such as: talk show programme on the theme of God’s calls; visiting the seminaries and monasteries or religious communities on “open house programme”; seminar on the topic of religious and priestly vocations, etc.

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