The Pontifical Mission Society of Propagation of Faith (POPF)

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This society was founded in Lyon, France on May 3, 1822 by The Venerable Pauline Marie Jaricot (1799-1862). Initially this society was a local level, then it got the pontifical status on May 3, 1922 by Pope Pius XI.  Because of the elevating status, thus automatically this society was moved to Rome and named as The Pontifical Mission Society for The Propagation of The Faith (POPF).

The goal of this society is to promote the missionary cooperation of all Christian communities. However this goal has been broadening including to collect financial aids  for the mission works, to promote the missionary vocations, and to educate all Christians with the missionary zeal.

In 1927, Pope Pius XI declared for the first time the feast day of The World Mission Sunday. This feast usually falls on the second Sunday at the end of October each year. The World Mission Sunday is a chance to encourage the missionary animation and promotion in each diocese and parish through the various missionary activities, such as through the printed matters (newspapers, fliers, etc) and electronical medias, such as internet, email, twitter, radio, television and film programmes. The goal is to build the missionary awareness, the spirit of solidarity, the missionary cooperation in prayer and charity to support the works of the Universal Church in her mission.

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